John Morris Partner

John Morris is a 20-year veteran of the highly volatile North American electricity markets. He managed trading desks for AIG Trading, PG&E, Sempra Energy and Money Management Group, before founding and successfully exiting a commodity hedge fund and a utility-scale solar development business (ultimately acquired by DE Shaw). John is an early crypto enthusiast, who began investing in both private and public blockchains on a proprietary basis from 2013. John is a senior advisor to (a quantitative crypto trading fund, based in Los Angeles) and OTCXN (an institutional grade crypto trading and custody platform, based in San Francisco) and provides strategic advice to major family offices in NY and CA. John is keenly interested in emerging blockchain use-cases, including securities/collectibles, e-sports, data/IP rights, supply chain management and incentive/loyalty markets, as well as blockchain-related disruptive technologies including quantum and artificial intelligence. John is based in Los Angeles and enjoys spending time with his family at the beach or in the mountains.