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DCH has brought together traditional financial services and regulatory expertise, along with blockchain specialists, to bridge the gap between the digital asset ecosystem and financial service providers.  Since 2014, our partners have been building a world class platform with the underlying view that blockchain will revolutionise traditional services and ensure more efficient and cost effective solutions across a broad range of industries. The firm has deliberately built out its suite of capabilities, leveraging, leveraging the combined experience within the greater team to deliver cost effective, robust and scalable solutions for its clients.  With offices and partners in Seoul, Los Angeles and Sydney, our clients include asset owners and traditional companies, through to new protocols.  We continue to see large scale commercial applications and opportunities as the ecosystem expands and evolves.

What we offer

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option markets are continuing to develop in crypto, it's worth having a look if you haven't been following

It's largely lost on the mainstream media when they talk about the BTC meltdown over the last 30days is that APPLE shares are down 25% in the same period. The FAANGs are all off around the same amount.

The case for Ethereum is much bleaker. Their growth story (IMO) is much more closely tied with the success of the 1200-1500 ICOs that have been developed on Ethereum over the last 2 years .

there have only been approx 50 ICOs claiming to use EOS announced with most of their projects still in the pre-ICO phase. So I think EOS’ growth story would still be intact even if all 50 ICOs went under.

EOS could use this to their advantage to become SEC compliant with a 250k “fee”. Their risk of claimant damages is low due to their higher token price. Would this ruling impact those companies who currently use EOS and impact mass adoption? A key part of their investment thesis.

Paragons SEC ruling that it is a security presents two vital points. 1. A majority of token holders can now sue for damages possibly leaving Paragon bankrupt. 2 After a 250K fine, it can now be traded traditionally, opening the gates for retail and institutional investment.

Realised BTC volatility is now lower than AAPL (Apple) and Crude Oil @laurashin
Not far to go until it's on par with most G10 currencies.

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